Diving Club "Neptun - Mimoza” Tivat, Montenegro


Diving Club „NEPTUN-MIMOZA“, situated in Tivat, was founded in 1993 and since than organizes courses for divers, not only for needs of Montenegrian clubs but also for all tourists wishing to immerse in the Adriatic sea depth.

Sjedište kluba - Hotel Kamelija
The Club is situated in Tivat, in Donja Lastva, on the beach, near hotel „Kamelija“.
tourist village Rose
Diving Center “FORTE ROSE”
, situated in tourist village Rose, represents an open water diving basis.

Dragiša Koprivica instructor, with his sons Boris and Igor and in cooperation with other assistants from the club, since 1993, taught over 350 divers of all categories and among them 11 Diving Instructors from Montenegro and Serbia who passed two course for diving instructors.

During same period 135 foreign tourists were trained and some of them obtained the vocation of Diving Instructors in their countries, and almost everyone recommends us to friends for being trained.

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